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Dennis GREAVES- Interview - June 25th 2009

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  1. You are here today for a gig at the Blues en Bourgogne in Le Creusot. What do you think of this kind of festival ?
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    Hm. We always enjoy coming to festivals. We started you know, very basically in London about 30 years ago. So when we first travelled across the ocean to France, I think France was our first gig, the Gibus Club in Paris and just couldn't believe you know we were travelling across, on the ferry and arriving and doing such gigs. Festivals are just amazing as well because you see the atmosphere out there, the location, it's a beautiful setting and always enjoyable.

  3. Tell us, where does the name "Nine Below Zero" come from ?
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    Well, we were sitting outside a pub in London called "the Apples and Pears" and we were thinking of a name, and Nine Below Zero was a Sonny Boy Williamson song and I suppose we wanted something that was fresh, but also related to the blues, so it was a perfect link for us.

  5. As one of the founder members of the band, can you sum up the story of the band ?
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    Yeah, I had come out of school, and there were people there listening to us, we met in school, we started the band in school, we started playing in local pubs, got found out by a record company, signed a record deal, we went to play with The Kinks, The Who, Bruce willis, Brian May from Queen, Sting, we toured the world, the guys that played with Mark who has played with many, many session players, is one of the top session harmonica players, it all came from a dream in school.

  7. I you have to introduce the band with only three words, what would they be ?
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    Nine Below Zero (laughing)

  9. What is your favourite guitar ?
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    Guitarist or guitar ?

    AM : Guitar

    335 Gibson 335 I find it versatile, very versatile, we have Ten Nugent, Chuck Berry and BB King playing a 335 it's very, very versatile.

    AM : And what are your favourite guitarists ?

    I like Freddie King, I like Billy Gibbons, I had the pleasure to play with Billy Gibbons, I like Eric Clapton over many many many doors, I like Chuck Berry, I like T-Bone Walker, I like a lot of, lot of players, I listen to a lot, Peter Green is marvellous, Jimmy Page is marvellous, Jeff Beck is fantastic, so there is lots of inspiration out there. I think I try to listen to them and get from each guitarist a little something.

    AM : And I like you as a guitarist.

    Oh you're very kind, thank you, hopefully that's the mix of everybody.

  11. I've got to film you when you're filming me okay ?
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    AM : Okay.

    Here we go.

    AM : That's it, here we go.

    Thank you.

    AM : How was your gig in Dubai ?

    Oh an experience, an experience. It's the only country I've been to where I'm older, it's only 42 years old Dubai, so not like France, there is not much culture in Dubai, it's a playground for the rich you know, it's okay.

  13. Travel is one part of your job
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    AM : So you have seen a lot of countries, in which one would you like to settle down ?

    England.(laughing) I like travelling, visiting countries, I think I would be unhappy if I had to live in France, Italy, Greece, you know or Japan or Australia or America, you know I think for me they are great to visit but I love England, I was born in London and I think I love London, my heart is in London, the smell, the look, I love London, it will break my heart to leave I think.

    AM : It's a beautiful city

    It is beautiful, it is beautiful.

    AM : Oh yes it is.

  15. What are your favourite hobbies ?
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    Do You know what I'm so boring, I just play music with my children, I have two children who play drums, my hobbies are playing music I'm really boring, I don't go fishing, I don't do anything but playing music, it's just a wonderful way to have a living, so I'm pretty boring in that respect.

    AM : How old are your children ?

    One is 11 and one is 19.

    AM : so they don't play in a band ?

    No they play with their dad, they have been in bands but they wanna be in a blues band but I tell them you know get a proper job, you know, it's a lot of pleasure if you do play with musical instruments with your children it's really good.

  17. You have released a new ablum called "It's never too late"
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    "It's never too late".

    AM : Can you talk about it ?

    Yeah. We want to celebrate the 30 years of Nine Below Zero with a really brand new, original album, so 14 songs, all original, all our influences, all our experience is on this album, I think I'm too close for the moment, but I think it's the best record we've made, we tried to catch the live energy of Nine Below Zero and it's all brand new material, so it should be good.

    AM : Thank you Dennis.

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