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Interview Steve Diggle (BUZZCOCKS)
Thursday 3rd April 2014
KAO - Lyon

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  1. Hello Steve. Welcome on How are you today?
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    Bonjour. Very good. We just come off the stage, a very good gig in Lyon.

    AM : So you are now ready for this interview.


    AM : Could you please comment what I am going to show you?


    AM : Here we go. Excitement. The Manchester slang for youngster.

  3. Could you please give us only 3 words, adjectives, to introduce your band?
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    ubiquitous, ubiquitous, ubiquitous. I mean everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. It's a very existentialist existence. We are all over the world in some kind of way, all of us.

  5. 1977
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  7. Orgasm Addict
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  9. 1981-1989.
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  11. How many albums have you released with the BUZZCOCKS?
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  13. A Pledge music project for your 9th studio album. Could you explain to us how does it work?
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  15. What are the themes that you have developed in your songs for this new album?
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  17. When you are not playing with the BUZZCOCKS, what do you do?
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  19. Tell me Steve, Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't to?
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  21. Harmony In My Head, a song that you wrote, was on your setlist tonight.
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  23. Time's up, to end this interview, it's also a title of the Buzzcocks...
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    Merci beaucoup.

    AM : Thanks a lot for your time Steve.

    You're very welcome.

    AM : You did a great gig tonight in Lyon. It was lovely to see you again on stage. We really enjoyed it.

    It was a pleasure to be here. A great thing about the French audience. We've been going to France for many years and it's great that the people are into the music. As always the French have good taste.

    AM : We did the French Revolution, that's why we like Punk music.


    AM : Can you introduce the other members of the BUZZCOCKS?

    Yes. I'm Steve Diggle singer and guitar, Pete Shelley singer and guitar, Chris Remmington on bass and Danny Farrant on drums. that's the four people on the line up of the Buzzcocks.

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